Septic Tank and Cesspit Emptying In Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex and Hertfordshire

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cesspit emptying service in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex and Hertfordshire

Emptying Septic Tanks and Cesspits In Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex and Hertfordshire, affordably and reliably

Drain Heroes provides a friendly, local and affordable cesspit, sewage treatment plant and septic tank emptying, cleaning and pumping service.

A septic tank allows the sludge of waste to separate from effluent, this effluent then runs over to a soakaway system, but the sludge remains. It is this sludge which requires emptying and disposing of before it becomes a hazard.

We’re proud that households and businesses across the country trust us for their cesspit, cesspool and septic tank emptying.

Drain Heroes Cesspit Emptying

Don’t Let Your Cesspit or Septic Tank Become A Hazard Or Leave An Offensive Smell

The Environment Agency recommends that you arrange a septic tank or cesspit emptying once a year or in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. 

However, your septic tank or cesspit may need to be emptied more frequently depending on its size or the number of people living at your property. 

Drain Heroes’ team of experts are happy to advise on how frequently your sewage system needs to be emptied by paying your property a quick visit.

How Do You Empty A Septic Tank or Cesspit?

Once your Drain Heroes engineer has gained access to your septic tank or cesspit, they will insert a vacuumed hose.

When the nozzle is submerged in the waste, the pump is activated. This increases the pressure, forcing the waste to rise up the pipe and begin filling the waste removal tank.

We can advise on the size of the waste removal tank required for each individual cesspit or septic tank, prior to it being emptied.

Once we have emptied the septic tank or cesspit, we will transport the waste to an approved storage and treatment facility where it will be disposed of according to Environment Agency standards and regulations.

Cesspit, Cesspool and Septic Tank Emptying FAQs

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