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A gully is often referred to and known as a concrete pot that is located under the surface of a road.

Gullies ensure the flow of water from roads and pathways, and help prevent masses of surface water from causing any problems to the general public.

However, gullies often become blocked causing a variety of problems in commercial and domestic environments.

If you notice that your water gullies are overflowing or draining slowly, it’s likely that they have become blocked. If they’re not cleared swiftly, the resulting lack of water drainage could cause damage to your business, home or garden.  

We recommend that you empty and clean your gully traps at least once a year. If you are aware that you will get lots of debris, foliage and silt building up we would suggest making it more frequent. 

At Drain Heroes, we have a team of drainage specialists we use fully equipped gully sucking trucks to clean out gully traps on a one-off or periodic basis. 

Drain Heroes Gully Trap Emptying

What Is Gully Trap Emptying or Gully Sucking?

When a gully becomes full, it needs to be cleaned and maintained, so that the drainage system can work effectively.

At Drain Heroes, we use a gully sucking truck or Gully Emptier. This is a specialised truck, which is fitted with the latest suction equipment. It effectively sucks out the debris, wastewater and mud that’s causing the blockage.

Failing to have a gully checked and serviced can potentially cause a variety of problems, especially to a commercial environment, where it could halt up the production and transportation of your products and goods.

Once we have cleaned the gully thoroughly and all the debris has been removed, we will be able to jet wash it clean, ensuring that any debris left behind will pass through and out the gully.

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